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Flexible & tailormade shipping solutions

At the moment China is one of the worlds greatest producers. Ever since websites as Alibaba & Chinaimport became global players the interest for importing goods from China has grown explosively.

Would you like to explore the possibilities in China and start importing or exporting goods, then we can be of assistance. As a forwarder we are fully accustomed to the challenges and dealings of Chinese import or export, so together with are local partners we can assure your success in China.

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From A to Z and from door to door

Offcource importing goods from China starts with dealing with a lot of different parties. As a forwarder we'll make sure you are solidly prepared, so that you're aware of what you can expect and off course we'll advise you on the Incoterms.

We'll take care of the transport, handle the forms and customs. From A to Z and from door to door, wether via Air or Sea. Your shipment proces will run fast, smooth and care free.

Exporting to China

Exporting runs smoother with a forwarder. With us and our local partners you'll obtain the knowledge and know-how for running a smooth exporting operation to China. Because it's not all that easy. We'll hel with the preparations, advice you on the Incoterms and organise the shipping, including ISF when necessary.