Thousands of containers a year to and from Asia

FlexShipping always looks for the best solution that provides the highest return for the customer. The motivation is to find the most efficient route at the best price. Collaborating with the customer comes first, and personal attention is a given.

The result is a customized logistics solution that can directly deliver benefits by simplifying the logistics chain to the core.

If you mainly import and/or export FCL shipments and the numbers lend themselves to doing so, we will even work on the basis of open book calculation. Openness about the available capacity, rates and other service levels. Transparency and handling things are our priorities.

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The benefits we offer

  • ✔ Best price for quality
  • ✔ Personal Service
  • ✔ Customization with fewer links, so lower costs
  • ✔ Fast en reliable

The logistics services of FlexShipping include:

  • ✔ Weekly groupage services (LCL)
  • ✔ Full-container services (FCL)
  • ✔ Customer consolidation
  • ✔ Garment-on-hanger shipments (LCL and FCL)
  • ✔ Crosstrade shipments
  • ✔ Customs settlement
  • ✔ Storage and transfer
  • ✔ FCL and LCL transport by truck, rail, inland shipping